Staff Benefits

Excellent rewards for employees

Our employees are our greatest assets and are central to the success of Stockport Homes and we offer a range of companywide and staff benefits. Our reward package includes both cash and non-cash benefits. It is important to us that the package of benefits we offer our employees represents what our employee’s value.

Company Benefits

Financial Benefits

All employees are encouraged to join the contributory pension scheme provided by Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) and take advantage of the generous benefits the scheme offers.

We provide you with access to a wide range of retail discounts. These provide you with real savings on everyday food, shopping and to support your lifestyle.

Our Medicash plan allows you to claim back a proportion of the cost of everyday healthcare and medical expenses including dental and optical costs. You can upgrade your cover to include your family by paying additional contribution.

Excellent Employer

You can volunteer and spend up to four hours per month, within working hours, undertaking voluntary and community based activities such as supporting local charities, schools or community groups.

We allocate £75 every other year towards team development activities and away days. The following year you are able and encouraged to undertake voluntary or community based team building activities with your colleagues.

Dependant on eligibility employees can gain access to the lease car scheme, with a contribution from Stockport Homes of up to £1,800 dependant on the vehicles Co2 emissions.

Work-life Balance

We provide a generous holiday entitlement of up to 30 days leave. Which is significantly above the minimum of 20 days. It is possible to increase this even further through 100% attendance and a reward for performance by the Board.

We provide an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to help you deal with every area of your life. This is a support service providing counselling, via telephone and face to face. It is confidential and available to you and your immediate family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are absent from work due to illness or injury we provide Occupational Health Services to help you back to work.

Your Health

A generous occupational sickness scheme is available to support all employees through periods of illness.

This allows you to access a bike through payroll free from tax and national insurance and is aimed at encouraging a healthier lifestyle as well as promoting a greener mode of transport.


Occupational maternity, maternity support for fathers and adoption schemes are available subject to qualifying criteria. The occupational maternity and adoption scheme pays half a week’s pay for 12 weeks in addition to the statutory maternity / adoption rate. A maternity support payment of one week’s full pay is available for fathers, partners or carers of an expectant mother.

We offer the opportunity to take advantage of the tax and national insurance savings by purchasing Childcare vouchers of up to £243 per month through payroll.

We Care

All employees are encouraged to join the contributory pension scheme provided by Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) and take advantage of the generous benefits the scheme offers.

As a member of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund you are provided with a tax-free lump sum of three times your total salary (based on your last three month’s pay) to your nominated beneficiary in the event of your death while you are employed by Stockport Homes.

Staff Benefits

Stockport Homes values all our employees and are passionate about developing and retaining our employees to deliver excellent services to our customers. We offer a number of opportunities to help equip our employees to transform lives.

Professional Qualifications

We support and fund individuals to undertake professional qualifications from Diplomas to Master Degrees. During study we fund professional membership, provide a book allowance and study leave to support assignment writing and assessment.

Learning and Development

We support all employees to grow and learn through the Grow approach and pathways from job specific development and certification to workshops, management development and recognised accredited programmes.

Flexible Working

We support flexible working to ensure employees can achieve a work life balance. The flexi time scheme lets you accrue up to two days flexi credit, over a four week period, which can be taken as flexi leave where you have worked additional hours in your role.